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This was a nice demo indeed.


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Realtime animation made of fractals.

This is quite a personal production and probably not everybody's coup of tea. We have been struggling with it for almost a year, when Pixtur started to experiment with Mandelbox formula used in Mad's 4kb intro "Hochenergiephysic". The idea, back then, was basically to make a distance field function fractal-demo without the 4k size restrictions. Basically focusing on the design and parameters and to see what comes out of this.

The inner light of mandel box (2012) - Early concept sketch / Paintover with Photohop

Fractal Details (2012) - Early concept sketch / Paintover with Photohop

Could be Architecture (2012) - Early test rendering

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Finally Inside

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After our first unlucky attempt with this topic, it took us over a year to touch the material again. Luckily, Drumhead had a nice soundtrack in the queue and so we completely redid the whole production. We had some issues with the quality of our SSAO passes. So finally, we decided to celebrate the noise which worked quite nicely in some of the scenes. Everything else got hidden behind thick layer of motion blur:

Below II (2011) - open-gl render-test

Forward (2011) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation

To me "Outside" felt like an extremely promising topic that I failed to play properly for various reasons. Since then, once in a while, I was creating more assets. Exploring a more traditional architectural work, potentially reanimating some training from university, I invested some evenings to combine Piranesi with Socialist Brutalism. Obviously I had a great time:

The tower with details (2011) - Sketch in Photoshop

Dirt (2011) - open-gl render test

The bleeding tower (2010) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation

For the inside of the tower, I created some kind of 3-maze construction-set of a couple of stair- and bridge-elements. As usual, time ran and I ended up placing them by and instead with a script.

Upside down (2011) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation

However, nothings beats mesh-importer bugs, when it comes to creating chaos.

To our all surprise, Finally Inside won the Scene.org-award for best direction 2011. This is, obviously, a huge honor for my. Finally, I can stop wasting my time with demos and can spend my evenings going bowling.

You Should

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Once again we missed the Breakpoint deadline and decided to release a polished and ready release rather than a rushed half-baked party version. The two additional weeks indeed made a big difference.


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Extremely fast production that was mostly done at the Main party in Arles. Although the results is rather average, it felt great to release something: The only way to learn how to make demos, is to release demos.

Distant fields

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This was a small concept I was working on with iq.


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Our quick contribution to Function 2008 went a bit out of control. Although Passing is more or less reusing effects from The Seeker, I experimented with a more realistic look which took some more effort.

Road to nowhere (2008) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation

Passing traffic (2008) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation

The original concept of syncing things passing by when looking out of car works very well with Mads excellent soundtrack what was originally released at on enough records.

The skyline so far (2008) - Screenshot from open-gl realtime animation


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Some years ago I spent quite some time doing digital illustrations and concept on with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Nowadays I still doing this for most of my demo-scene projects like The Seeker, Malewitsch, or Any Moment.

The Seeker

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I played around with this topic for more than two years. If it wouldn't have been for this year's Intel Demo Competition I probably would have percrastinated for another year. I ran also out of excuses to dq, why to hold back his track any longer.

The light will kill you (2006) - Very early sketch for Seeker

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In the second 64kb intro we made with Tooll, I played with de(con)struction: I wanted glitches, video artefacts, wild editing synced to an abstract IDM track.

The first test scenes were really abstract and more following a 2D flat black and white scheme you can see at the first 30 seconds.

Bitcrusing (2008) - Mockup for "Invoke" in Photoshop

Whatever you prefer (2008) - Mockup for "Invoke" in Photoshop

Sadly this didn't work well with the wonderful music by Szelei Kis Gergely (Gargaj). So the final piece got a little bit away from the original concept sketches.

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Malewitsch was originally meant to be a proof of concept for Still's new realtime content creation suite for 64kb intros: Tooll. After working ages on abstract bitmap scenes for texture generation, we decided that it would be much better to work on a concrete project. The inspiration for the theme came from lead programmer Daniel Szymanski (cynic), whose common test scene consisted of a black square on a white background: Suprematism at its best.

Welcome to Russia (2007) - Concept art done in Photoshop

King of cubes (2007) - Concept art pencil/Photoshop

Temple (2007) - Sketch on paper

A world of cubes

I started with sketching in Photoshop and I finally developed a concept around a world of cubes. This basic object promised both to be a sufficient building block for quiet complex scenes and easy enough to be implemented. In a quick session I came up with a motion sketch in Maya which I slightly boosted up with post processing. This was supposed to be our reference for the next couple of months: Our goal was to reproduced this animation in 64kb.

Malewitsch (2007) - Mockup in Photoshop

Original 3d models were rebuilt with Tooll using basic mesh and scene operators. With these sample scenes, we worked on a look which was doable with a shader model 2 post render pipeline.

Temple made of cubes (2007) - first engine tests

Ride my white horses (2007) - overpaint of flat shaded geometry

Tooll's very basic instancing and replicate operators proved to be friendly for experiments. Playing around with realtime building blocks became a steady source of inspiration.

Cube tunnel (2007) - paintover on flat shaded geometry


I played around with Photoshop to get a grip on a general idea for the lighting and colors. When I was satisfied with my reference image, I spent the next days implementing this look with post render effects.

The cube tower (2007) - paintover on flat shaded geometry

Cube tower 2 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Postrender layers (2007) - Deconstructing render steps

We finished Malewitsch at the party place in Barcelona. I still remember this as one of my favorite demo scene events because of the wonderful familiar atmosphere and all the great people we met there.

Construction of the cube tower 2 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Greetings (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

The hole 4 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl


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Structures 2 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Welcome to feedback hell. Originally planned as quick remake of Fern pixtur fell in love with Tooll's render pipeline and bought a note book with decent graphics card just for finishing the production at the TUM-party place.

Still (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Ferner (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

After an unlucky first colaboration with ronny on Iso9241, we are so happy he gave us a second chance. Once again he proved to be one of the best musicians in the demo scene and Ferner couldn't be imaginable without his contribution.

Haus des Reisens (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Ghosts 1 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

A warning: Ferner is GPU intensive. Although we do not have as complex shaders as it might look like, there are several passes with large render target sizes involved. It should run smoothly on nvidia 8000 series. But much else we don't take any responsibility for. You will need current video drivers, too. Since "Ferner" is based on feedback buffers, the results depend on frame rates. For a reference, on how it should look like, use the video capture.

On Fire 2 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

Structures 4 (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl


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The nomination for the Intel Demo Competition 2007 hit us with some surprise. Because of the tough time schedule we decided to used our ancient Direct-X 7 engine one more time.

Intel (2007) - Screenshot rendered with openGl

We started with some brain storming and doing lots of conceptional Photoshop sketches.

Into the light (2007) - Conceptional sketch

DIN9241 (2007) - Sketch on paper

The resulting concept evolves around the question what might happen if you dig up things from the underground and give them a closer analysis.

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After a very long delay, we finally finished this production. It is (after Trocken and Perfect love) the last part of the Subraum triology.

Light (2007) - Screenshot rendered with DirectX 7

Despite gloom's wonderful music and the nice concept of turning a little man's world up side down, I am not quiet happy with the final result. Technical limitations of our DirectX 7 engine combined with an unclear design direction lead to an inconsistent production that could have been much better. With this in mind I was quiet suprised about the two nominations scene.org awards (best direction and best demo).

The sun shines for everybody (2007) - Screenshot rendered with DirectX 7

You will never win (2007) - Screenshot rendered with DirectX 7

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Perfect Love

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Bleeding mesh (2005) - Screenshot rendered with open gl

"All my systems are running perfectly." This is me second team work with Sire and Mad. Since most engine problems were already been solved, I just played around and tried to find visuals for sire's excellent soundtrack.

Originally it was done for the PC demo competetion at Evoke 2005 where it was placed 3rd.

Internal structures (2005) - Screenshot rendered with open gl

Help me to slow down (2005) - Screenshot rendered with open gl

The production was nominated for two scene.org awards

and was rewarded with the first price at fmx festival 2006 in Stuttgard.

Concept art

Never & Ever (2005) - Mockup in Photoshop

It´s time, Case (2005) - Mockup in Photoshop

egal (2005) - Mockup in Photoshop

Maybe you hate yourself (2005) - Scribble


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Bauknecht (2003) - Screenshot of "Trocken" / rendered with DirectX 7

Trocken is German vor "dry", eventually living without drugs. Some people need medicine to keep the state of being dry or a from going mad again. In such a way Zyprexa is sort of an "antidrug" to diminish your fantasy; and finally your creativity. Some years ago Christian Melsa wrote a poem about this feeling, which finally became a real-time demo called Zyprexa.

Together with Rainer (nero) Mühr we reanimated this theme and made a remix using the same 3d-engine, effects and lyrics, but with a new exciting soundtrack and a heavy dosis of graphics design.

It turned out as a wonderful adventure of turning words into images.

Any Moment

4954 days ago by pixtur

Any moment was inspired by Oscar Wilde's "The birthday of the princess" - a story about the unfulfilled love of an ugly gnome to the young infantile princess infanta. She is both: protected and guarded at once by the inhuman apparatus of her father's hofstaat. Her naive arrogance finally leads into the gnomes death.

"But why he is not going to dance anymore?"

"Because his heart has broken."

"Then from now on, let those that come to play with me have no hearts."

I translated the story into a cold world full of technology and lack of feelings.

Although I put a lot of effort into this project, it never got into the state of realization. I put it here because of the concept art.